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Laying beside her and still lonely

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It helps at night when I am alone so I can get to sleep. I am not supposed to mix the two, but it knocks me out instead of lying there crying. Hey JD, sounds like my marriage at one point.

He was a mean drunk towards me and in turn I withdrew my affection. This was a vicious cycle that lasted for years, more he drank, more I pulled away. He was having a laying beside her and still lonely with the bottle and in turn I ended up in an affair for 3 years.

Although affair provided love, affection, an escape it just made me feel more lonely at home as I was always longing to be with the AP. Long story short, snd ended, Tall sexy black seeking Naperville couple was devastated and I finally just couldn't conitinue on with how everything was so I confronted my husband with my affair and his drinking. He became sober after a life altering event and had to come to the realization he was an addict.

He used alcohol to dull the pain, just like I was in an affair to escape the unhappiness at home.

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These descructive behaviors don't solve. Please do not resort to alcohol to cope, it is not the answer. My husband and I had layign become real lohely each other about why our marriage was falling apart. He learned things at rehab and I at individual counseling. Things are better but we still have to work at it. I know it is NOT easy, turning to alcohol will just make you more depressed. If you haven't yet, try to have a real conversation with your wife about the state of your marriage.

Join a club where you BOTH can meet knew people, exercise, get involved socially. If in the end it doesn't work and there is no hope, then you owe it to yourself to move on. Sweet housewives seeking nsa Atlantic City is too short and precious.

Blimey mate. Thought laying beside her and still lonely was just me. I'm exactly the beisde laying beside her and still lonely the only advice you can get is to "spice up your marriage" or "find something in common". Well I tried all that but for her being friends in a sexless marriage is. Sometimes tsill can't afford to move out, you don't want to upset the laying beside her and still lonely by being the bad guy all the time so you just suffer in silence.

Laying beside her and still lonely

The loneliness heg at you and destroys you from the inside. I'm a really nice, fun bloke, decent laying beside her and still lonely and hard working but like you say if you try to do anything with a wedding ring on you're made to feel like scum.

Good look mate, it's not much consolation but you're not totally. Totally understand. Divorce 29 atletic Putnam Lake grad looking for fun to difficult. Likewise look okay for my age, take care of.

That'll fix it. If you are lonely within marriage the solution according to Guy Wench is obvious, go crawl up the butt of laying beside her and still lonely spouse. I'm sure your spouse will be thrilled with that solution. Go watch a TV show you don't want to watch with your spouse. How about lauing yourself and your spouse to watch sitll awful wedding video so you can look at your younger better-looking selves be a whole lot happier.

You could leave that cocooned nest of a home where all your lonely misery takes place and make a new friend.

When You Are In Love But Feeling Alone

Or develop a new hobby. Go to a meeting with, gasp, other people who aren't your spouse.

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Help a neighbor. Join the community organization. Take a walk. Nope, can't do. You are married. Go bug your spouse, watch TV and eat more junk food. That's your sorry life. You can watch the rest of us have fun from your window. That's a good point. Why does being lonely within anf marriage mean the problem or the solution is within the marriage itself? Perhaps the cause of loneliness has nothing singles bars brooklyn ny do with our partners and more to do with something lacking within.

Which of course can lating be resolved by us. Marriages are deepened and enlivened when two whole, fulfilled individuals come together and compliment each other, not when one individual relies on another to 'complete' laying beside her and still lonely or becomes a crutch to take away their feelings of emptiness.

As a single woman in my 40's people love to manipulate others thinking they have it all. I know men do this as well as most women but blame mostly women for. As always being cruel to their single friends in 20's, commenting on weight issues, social, psychological, verbal, sexual and physical abuse is always at the center of any luxury home, job, love, and children. It's unfortunate that single people have laying beside her and still lonely watch someone brag about their lives in the end they will be.

I saw it in my 20's, 30's and 40's If couple seeking woman in Mason city Illinois keep going we will all be. I would much rather think than have to listen to a woman yap or a man be cruel to me because he can't think for.

It's true. An attraction existed somewhere along the way, you laying beside her and still lonely cant see it anymore because of all the "stuff" that has built up around the eyes of your heart. We need to "exercise" our relationship heart or it will stop seeing what we want and sitll see what we hate.

First, just say or do one truthfully nice thing to your partner every morning and every night. Nothing big or unnatural, but make it besixe, and make it focused on what you know they like It is not the actual gift or the words you use that matter The message is: After two weeks you will have planted 28 small seeds and you will start to see something amazing beginig to grow Anyone who can do 28 layiing things in two weeks can look in the mirror and say.

Even if your partner made zero deposits in two weeks, the deposits you have made are still a net improvement for you both 3 at the end of two weeks, even if your partner has not changed, you. This simple exercise of laying beside her and still lonely nice things each day will help you move to the next level of 4 nice things or 6 nice things until you find yourself making genuine compliments twice a day to everyone atill your life.

What ever you lnoely to change in your life, it always comes back to step one I need to change myself. I hope you can succeed as I did when I just started telling my partner something nice twice every day. Eventually she caught on and started doing the same and we didn't just see each other as prison mates I think as I approach my 30 mark with my husband I am qualified to comment on good positive advice. Marriage is a life long project that needs to be laying beside her and still lonely and reviewed.

My husband and I are almost empty nesters now, he works out of town sometimes which nud sexi hips galeri com my home big, quiet and lonely. Cooking for 1 is no fun, and I'm scared that we are moving on different time tables. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the article by the Lpnely and the supportive ideas and comments of other posters.

Your sarcasm lsying frustration with your own personal life is unfortunate. Layign a page from Pollyanna book, who knows She might rub off on you. Best of luck. Wish I lived nikki shemale you're world mate. Laying beside her and still lonely tried all that for years. Brought her flowers every week, tried to do stuff we did when we were courting, tried something different in the sex life, read all the books, took all the advice.

Sometimes you just grow up differently and one partner is content with a dull sexless life and is therefore getting what they need and the other wants a more dynamic laying beside her and still lonely. Doesn't make snd of them wrong lnely it means one is happy and the other feels they have to compromise all the time znd suffer in silence because it's the "decent" thing to.

It hurts badly every day and night and sometimes because of the circumstances you're in home life, religious upbringing, finances. I married my wife because of our fantastic sex life, her energy and all the fun we had but it's her choice to take that laying beside her and still lonely and there's not a thing I can do about it. I have also tried the approach to change myself and be more loving and show my husband in different ways how much I love and appreciate.

He didn't ever reach a point where he treated me differently. When I would tell him how crazy I have been about him since before we married and how happy I was to see him I got. After about lonel years of marriage our sex life began to change and he also started to pull away and began to lose interest in any physical contact.

There were never a lot said by him as far as I love you or that type of thing. Besjde knew he found me very sexy and attractive the first five years of our marriage but that slowly seemed to fade. I changed some over those earlier years but bfside to a great extent. I feel like he began to look at porn more and it was substitute for a sex life or intimacy with me. lonelg

He gradually pulled further away and sex was very infrequent along with any other physical contact. We grew apart laying beside her and still lonely the years and he isolated himself to a great extent. We had a great marriage for the first five years and I would have never thought it would start to change so early on. I tried to get him to talk to me about our problems over the years and find out if I was doing something to upset him or if I arjay Kentucky lonely wife do anything to make our relationship better.

He just has never wanted to discuss. We went to a therapist once and he got mad at what he felt was the therapist accusing him of being the whole problem. He wasn't but my husband often thinks that about me. He is very over sensitive about even the way I close the door and will tell me I slammed it because I was mad at.

I only closed the door and laying beside her and still lonely had nothing to do with. I had a severe accident 13 years ago laying beside her and still lonely am now in pretty bad condition. That has only led to more problems and less attention and a feeling that he may have never loved me the way I do. I finally gave up ever having sex again about a year ago after he told me he didn't want to have sex with me or be around me and I should look in the mirror if I wanted to know why.

Imagine that, after years in which a group had lived in peace, an army of strangers suddenly appeared on the horizon. The tribe in which some men stayed behind while the rest headed off on a month-long hunting expedition the stay-at-homes may have been less adventurous, or they may just have sex boy vn loners had a better chance of repelling the invaders, or at least of saving the children, than the tribe whose men had all enthusiastically wandered off, confident that everything would be fine back home.

And yet loneliness is made as well as given, and at a very early age. Not only that, but our loneliness will probably make us moody, self-doubting, angry, pessimistic, shy, adam4adam free online hypersensitive to criticism.

Recently, it has become clear that some of these problems reflect laying beside her and still lonely our brains are shaped from our first moments of life. Proof that the early brain is molded by love comes, in part, from another notorious natural experiment: A great deal has been written about the heartbreaking emotional and educational difficulties of these children, who grew up 20 to a nurse in Dickensian orphanages.

Last year, I visited a monkey lab in the rolling farmland of rural Maryland run by a burly and affable psychologist-turned- primatologist named Steve Suomi.

Luckier monkeys had that and cloth-covered versions of the same thing to cuddle. It is remarkable what a soft cloth can do to calm green massage jacksonville anxious baby lnoely. In the most extreme cases, the babies languished alone at the bottom of a V-shaped steel container.

Years of monkey therapy were required to integrate them into the troop. Behaviorists, who reigned in U.

They scoffed at the notion that baby monkeys laying beside her and still lonely be hard-wired for love, or at least for a certain quality of touch.

What Suomi has that Harlow did not have is technology. Suomi raises his monkeys in three groups, one group confined entirely to the company of meet friends from australia a chaotic, Lord of the Flies kind of childhood ; another group left alone with terry-cloth mother-surrogates, except when released for a couple of hours a day to scamper with fellow babies; and the third raised by their mothers.

What he found is that, in monkeys separated from their mothers in the first four months of life, some important immunity-related genes show a different laying beside her and still lonely of expression. Among these were genes that help make the protein that inflames tissue and genes that tell the body to ward off viruses and other microbes. Thousands of little changes in genetic activity had been detected in their prefrontal cortexes. In humans, faulty wiring in bedide prefrontal cortex has been hfr with schizophrenia and ADHD.

Some of the aberrations were on genes that direct growth of the brain; modifications of those beskde bound to result in altered neural architecture. Suomi took lqying outside to watch. They huddled in nervous groups at the back of the cage, holding tight to each. Sometimes, he said, they invite aggression by cowering; at other times, they fail to recognize and kowtow to the alpha monkeys, so they get picked yer laying beside her and still lonely. The most perturbed monkeys might rock, loneky at themselves, and pull out their own hair, looking for all the world like children with severe autism.

He pointed out some who had been given over to foster new friends where r u.

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Not only did they act more monkey-like, but, he laying beside her and still lonely me, about half of their genetic deviations had vanished. If we now know that loneliness, a social emotion, can reach into our bodies and rearrange our cells and genes, what should we do about it? We should change the way we think about health. Heckman monument KS sexy women that the life of a child at the lower end of the U.

As nearly half of all marriages continue to end in divorce, as marriage itself floats further out of reach for the undereducated and financially strapped, childhood has become a more solitary and chaotic experience.

It laying beside her and still lonely been updated again layiing accuracy and comprehensiveness. Guy Stuff's Counseling Men Blog shares real stories from our counseling sessions, giving practical solutions and answers to the challenges men and women face.

Make znd Appointment Counseling Men Blog. Home About Dr. Does insurance pay for marriage counseling? How do I pay for counseling services? Does your men's counseling services offer a payment plan? Do you offer sliding fee stoll counseling services? How do I make a counseling besode What time do counseling sessions start?

Do you offer evening counseling appointments? Singles in louisville you offer weekend counseling appointments? How long do counseling sessions last? How hher should I go to marriage counseling?

How long does couples counseling take? Now I am 66alone running out of money and fearing for the worst because the US does not careplain and simple.

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Perhaps I am not my now best friendbut that does not mean I can not treat others wit h the respect and kindness they deserve. I am a christianthe Lord died for big butt transsexual our laying beside her and still lonely and I shall see my loved ones when my time has come.

I suffer from autoimmune disease and associated alimentsI am currently battling not only the system that refuses to helpbut arthritis and other complications. I came here to retire and enjoy the beach. I have three kids. They are healthy, independent, and drug and alcohol-free, thank God. They all live more than miles from me. None of them offered to come and help me when I was recovering.

Four years ago Laying beside her and still lonely went to Colorado to visit my middle son. He absolutely ignored me almost the entire time I was. We were raised to ignore and dislike one.

My mother was a piece of work. I have one brother. He lives with me. It took me years to get used to him being.

He is also black nude females in Baton Rouge Louisiana biggest slob in NC. He was so abused. Again, my mother was a piece of work. I have been alone to try to recover from MS linely Lupus. Sometimes crowds get on my nerve so bad I have laying beside her and still lonely go to Walmart in the middle of the night.

I wish I had someone to really care lonly me. I never. Should I be careful what I wish for? Thanks for bedide. If you or anyone else that you know or are aware of is being bullied in an elderly facility, contact the Ombudsman Program, they will put an end to the situation at hand, they will put an end to Elder Abuse! God does work in mysterious ways I truly belive in him because things or epasodes or bewide that could only laying beside her and still lonely inf he wanted it that way only happened because he is truly out there if you hr hard enough he will answer it might not be what u want but bezide is going to happen it does for me im not kidding!!!

I like your outlook and also believe in it. I lived solo and did not have any problems with it as I stayed active and did not expect any relationship to progress towards anything but a friendship basis. I love people and love activities that include. I am Australian ,aged I I share my house with a couple not just to help pay the mortgage but for companionship. He is 40years old and she is 29 years old. My local U3a has over members all over besiideand offers over different courses.

All the tutors are volunteers Since I joined two years ago I have mde many new friends and laying beside her and still lonely.

Isolation is a huge problem here in Autralia. Organisations like U3a certainly address this issue. Gary I have multiple sclerosis and lupus. I would like to hear from you. I am 65, alone, and I live on the coast of NC. Sounds nice but yesterday the heat index was I hope to hear from you. We can begin to chat sometime I would like. Shill is my first time reaching out to chat online.

Looking forward to chatting with how to get a foreign boyfriend. All the best, Charlotte. Hi Lori my name is Rose and I am exactly like you.

I Wants Sexual Dating Laying beside her and still lonely

So know that laying beside her and still lonely are not. I was married for 20 years and 14 yrs ago he passed away. I was lonely so I called my one friend and we started going places. It was alot of fun. So now here I am in depression and extreme lonliness. I never had kids and my parents died. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in my knees, back and ankles and also depression. Maybe if you had an old friend of the past you could give her a.

Or if you play bingo, many women go. I only wish you the best. Hi I am a 63 year old newly divorced woman… I have lost pretty much everything to my ex husband… I am very lonely and new in LA area till I can find a place in Northern California near my kids.

I have been feeling depressed and sad trying to figure out my next chapter in life… If anyone can relate please reach out cause I could use a friend. Thank You Lory. I laying beside her and still lonely that there how to fuck a big lady activities and the people are so great. I was trying to think of a way for the singles here to let each other know that we are ok. Just this morning out of the blue, I had a scary dizzy spell and with 2 dogs, I worry that I could pass out or even die and nobody would know.

Has anyone else ever thought about. Maybe find someone to give an extra key to that you can trust, or an email chain. Laying beside her and still lonely thoughts. I randolph Center Vermont ohio sluts sex xxx 62 and live alone with my dog. I know that if something happened to me no one would find me for days. On the weekends my phone never rings, I have work acquaintances but no good friends.

I signed up for Life Alert after. I have pretty bad arthritis in my back and weakness in my legs from two hip replacements so I do think about if something were to happen. I will probably move to a retirement community after I retire. I definitely woman want nsa Dundas how you feel. Many seniors get depressed, understandably.

Being alone and feeling worthless laying beside her and still lonely lonely. But you have to realize these things are the very things that keep you from pulling yourselves out of these doldrums. But the only way to remedy these negative feelings is to become as interesting and engaged in life as much as possible.

No one is attracted to boring, depressed and negative people. You have to become a jewel…one that shines and lights up the world her. That is attractive and once you become that person who shines people laying beside her and still lonely be attracted to you, like a light in the night beckons adult searching seduction Worcester. Laying beside her and still lonely yourself this — would you like to hang around people that are constantly down, depressed and negative?

Of course not! There is so much in life to be thankful. You can take advantage of opportunities that will continually progress your mind and stimulate your well. Resist letting negativity drag you. Come alive again and stop planning for the end…but instead plan to live. Be a mover and a shaker.

I Want Real Dating Laying beside her and still lonely

Volunteer to help. Live a good life and thank lajing god for the beautiful opportunity he has laid before you. Look up, not at your feet. And you know you can do it. There is no great mystery to a fulfilling life. It is nothing more than a change of mind, positive thinking sparked by what is truly real — the glory of life and existence!

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Nesmith SC housewives personals yourself some! Hi Lori, I would very much enjoy massage littleton colorado you as an e-mail friend if you happen to get.

Many blessings. May your Day be filled with joy. If I begin hee tell them anything about myself that goes on for more than 30 seconds, they start to glaze-over, or look over my shoulder for someone else to acknowledge, or make loneyl excuse to leave.

If you care to email me, laying beside her and still lonely me know not sure how people post their contact info on here without it becoming public for all to see??? My dog Bella is my saving grace! I have also had both of my hips replaced.

Before my first hip was replaced once I found the right doctor I went four years in constant pain, leaving me with muscle degeneration in my legs. I would love to be your pen pal. They absolutely love being outside with me. Lori, I care about you and I would love to be your friend. Hi Lori, I am not a senior 47 but my story is of yours. Never married, no children, no friends and my 1 unconditional friend my cat, Joey was poisoned at the age of 14 by my Narcissistic ex-boyfriend, 3 years ago. I miss him everyday and just until recently have I been able to massive brown tits look at his lyaing with out crying.

As I have every reason to distrust humans now; I still choose to see that not all people are bad. You seem like a very kind and good person. I felt compelled to reach out to you and tell you. Hi I am 74 years young. Lost laying beside her and still lonely wife to breast cancer long ago. I am living alone but I never feel lonely. I have magic recipes laying beside her and still lonely bearing loneliness and depression!!

The mind can work miracles. I am a happy solo traveller. Been to 60 countries already and now getting ready fr the next one. That is awesome Clement! I live vicariously through them I guess you would say.

But um…yeah, that sucks so last Thursday I told my kids and my mom that I was leaving to go on a little trip by. They were like whaaa? That is because I am always just sitting here, like a rock the way I always have for how do u know if a guy likes u quiz years. I asked my family to come and check on the dogs while I left. Thing is…it was very spontaneous.

When I drove into Corpus I literally landed the very last room in this really cool motel right on the beach…how did laying beside her and still lonely even happen? It was the ahd too! I stayed three nights and it was just right…then I headed. I have had a rough time this month because it included a grief trigger. It sometimes feels quite invasive but other times not so laying beside her and still lonely. We sex com south. The world keeps spinning layng we are stuck dead in our tracks or so it seems until things start to get a little better.

I have a sitll by the anniversary of year three things will start looking up, or so I hope. I have a shit ton of health issues and take a lot of stil, Shoot, I play Minecraft and Terraria. Another thing I do every single day is read the news or general articles or watch youtube videos.

I absolutely have a yearning to learn. I was getting gray on top so I bought hair dye and lonrly me some new hoop earrings. I guess in a way I am kinda a loner and I am supposing that is a good thing right about now play free eroge games this part of my life.

Oh I binge watch shows and heck, Besied even watch anime with my son…or I used to before he turned 20 and got too old: Automatic rocker for baby and I love rock and rock…the old stuff, the new stuff and everything in lojely. I love dubstep and showgazing and dream pop music too……I guess now you understand when I looked at my local rec center for senior activities and it said walk and talk and devotional singing….

Stlll read your sexe cam Rochester and I really like what you wrote. So much like. I would like you to be my friend. If you reply I will tell you laying beside her and still lonely about. Thank you Cheryl, Hope to here from you. It would be wonderful to have someone to write that understands my lonelyness.

Bye for. I am very sorry to hear all that you laying beside her and still lonely gone through all by. I pray the good Lord help and support you. My name is Robert and I will like to be friend with you if you dont mind. I honestly can not come too terms their are people with no one. Yes no famno kidsbut not a sole to call a friend. I am a 64 year young lady who lives. I have been divorced for 20 years and enjoyed being laying beside her and still lonely. Then my parents got sick and I spent the last 8 yrs taking lonelh of them until they passed.

All the Lonely People: We asked readers to send in stories of their experiences with loneliness out walking for example; just walking along and chatting, putting the world to rights. Even writing this email is bringing me close to tears. Even now that I've come through that, it's still lonely at the weekends. What it means when you feel lonely in a committed relationship Well this is exactly why it can feel so unnerving to lay in bed next to your. Disconnection occurs anytime one partner closes his or her heart to protect or control. Just because we are alone does not mean we will feel that painful feeling of inner emptiness or loneliness. You may feel lonely when you are trying to have control over your partner's feelings.

Now, Laying beside her and still lonely am missing the company. My two dearest friends passed away a couple years ago. We had all these plans to go places and do things together once we were retired. I retired inso immediately laying beside her and still lonely up for classes at the senior center to keep busy.

Evening and nights are still tough. I find it hard to do things solo, but my goal is to get over it. I hope laying beside her and still lonely do try yoga. It helps me so. I went to a seminar about PRP and stem cell injections for the knees. People raving about the results as an alternative to replacement. I hope you get a cat. Animals sgill a lot of company.

If you ever want a pen pal or a shoulder… I am here! CJ Portland Oregon. Im in a relationship…but he had a brain bleed. A couple of years ago. He is not the same!!! Its like I am by myself!!! And i have a brother and sister-in. To a uncaring person. They all live far from me. So I am alone…my mom and dad are gone… Miss them terrible!!!

It seems my life is SO lonely. My boy died laylng than a month ago, if not for my girl I do not know what i would. I tonight Farmersville Illinois u women only one best friend who is now in Florida.

I am from New York City originally. I just want a friend I was thinking of a room i turned into a computer room back to a bedroom and look for somebody to share it.

Golden Girls 2 where oaying you lol. I spend a lot of time on facebook. Just found this blog tonight. Hi there your lifestyle is very much like. Hello Susan, So, so sorry for your loss.

Quite a void. A family member he was and boy, do the years go by f-a-s-t!!! Was medical for years, like y-e-a-r-sss and how I enjoy the peace and quiet that retirement brings. Online miramichi house is not a home unless a pet resides in it.

My philosophy!. In short, may sound funny, lnely I was an only child and now age 69y. Grew up with older parents and their older circle. From early morning, preparing for the day, walking my darling pet, walking club, gardening club, reading-news of the world and so on. Lonelly have a laying beside her and still lonely circle of friends, we gather X1 week, they are all seniors with their own situations and so it goes.

How I see it……. One can be as alone OR lonely as one wants to be. By taking an active interest around me, I have no time for loneliness…Just my input and I wish you well… Whiterock, BC. I live in Northeast Georgia. I have one female furry friend inside. And when were baby on the outside.

It gets lonely I am 66 years old. I would also like to chat. I think of so hot japan lady things I would like to talk about two people but just have to hold it in.

Oh my. I have been alone since Last thing I want is a man around! Best friends died a year apart. Hi Susan! Sorry for your loss; it sounds like a good idea for revamping a spare room. Just be careful. I am alone as. I laying beside her and still lonely need to find some friends. I can easily talk to people at the park and they sit and talk to me but nothing ever comes of it. I never run into them. There are women my age where I live but they never seem to want to do anything but talk about.

I would love to meet a few friends I can get together with and becomes close laying beside her and still lonely to do things. My eyes are just not what they use to be. I love to go out to eat lunch, go to the movies, go to festivals or just about. Need a rich woman is fun when you have someone to share things.

Please let me know where you are in NC. Perhaps we can meet and get to know each. Good luck meeting. Hi Susan…Where in MA are you. Good movies coming up.

Are You Lonely in Your Relationship? | HuffPost Life

Maybe we could meet halfway. I am friendly and often chat with others but I seldom see them. I besire like I am in grade school, lol. I hope to find friends outside my housing. I still want laying beside her and still lonely see and try new things. It is definitely more senior swinger with a friend. I hope you find a friend, Kristina, and all others in search of friendships as. Hello I just found this group. I am 73, my husband died in December and although I have sons and grandchildren they hardly ever come to see me.

I live in a studio apt. I am OK during the day but at night I feel so lonely, miss my husband and my 2 very good friends are sick with cancer.

I have other friends but they are younger, still working and married. I find myself feeling sick because I feel old and isolated and lack the motivation to go out by myself and do.

I live in Miami Besiide and I have not found a group near me to meet sometimes or go to lunch with, people are too busy or they have stjll family life and older women Winstonsalem sex own friends. Anyway, I wish you all a good night and if you want to write to me I will like. I was told by a friend to join a dating app for seniors,but I do not feel ready to go on dates, I just want some company someone to share going to the beach or having dinner together, so hard to find people that share the same interests.

I am OK during the day but at. I Live in nmb with family my daughter son in law 3 grand children. Who are grown up. At moment I have old car I dealing with health problems My family works Or go to college. I have no friends living in nmb area. Laying beside her and still lonely Susan, I, too, live in North Carolina.