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What is a platonic girlfriend Looking Dating

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What is a platonic girlfriend

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Top definition.

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Platonic Friend unknown. A very close friend of any gender. Everyone thinks you are dating, or at least flirting a little.

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Both men and women can have a plantonic friend, and everyone can be a platonic friend. Its "uni gender". Platonic friend unknown.

A very very very close friend of the opposite sex. A woman is a man's platonic friend if she's his best friend or a very close friend of hisbut nothing.

And yes, contrary to what's been said earlier, men CAN have platonic friendsjust like women. Ashley and Brandon are so close to each other, they spend all of their time.

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I'm sure they're dating! Not necessarily, i asked Ashley yesterday and she told me that there was nothing between them, they're just platonic friends.

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You know what a platonic friend is to a woman? It's like a dick in a glass case. In case of emergencybreak open glass!

plaonic Chris Rock: Bring What is a platonic girlfriend Pain A very close male friend that a woman. Their relationship is strictly " just friends " and usually never involves anything sexual. Men do not have platonic friendsjust simply women they haven't fucked.

Somewhere along the way, John made a wrong turn and slipped into the friends zone by not making what is a platonic girlfriend sexual move on Cindy. Chris wanted Kristen but knew he could never have her so he claimed he just wanted to be a platonic friend 2. Jodie Foster turned down John Hinckley by saying she just wanted to be his platonic friend.

Similarly, when his girlfriend is acting up, he will need an outlet. But a relationship can never be truly platonic if you have to set up boundaries. A very close friend of any gender. Everyone thinks you are dating, or at least flirting a little. Dan and Phil (Danisnotonfire & Amazingphil) The are Platonic. You may have heard of a platonic relationship. They're good to have, and in this post, we will explain why. Platonic friendships, as it turns out.

A nice way for a woman to say he is a dick in a glass jar waiting to be busted open at any ginen moment What is a platonic girlfriend dates Charlie and clams Bob to be her cute lesbian gallery friendhowever if Charlie steps out of lines one more time Mandy will bust open her dick in a glass jar!

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